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Most Preferred Painters. I was told by some of my greatest resources you get what you give, so I hope this message reaches you in good favor. I am a small business owner offering my services throughout the valley. Since 2011 to the present I’ve encountered ways to help do my part as a Craftsman Painter. The Local 86 Painters Union was a good source for me to acquire a skill and have integrity about my work to deliver quality services while working with the larger paint firms. As of the past 10 years or so my knowledge and experience I’ve gained gave me confidence to run my own painting firm here in the valley. Licensed Bonded and insured was my goal so along the way I worked with Formen doing side jobs doing Residential painting when I completed my first job and the smiles I got and the envy of onlookers made me thirsty to do it again with integrity. But there were some I couldn’t please, while still being professional. I’ve created a business page to showcase my services and work I personally did and delegated others to complete with industry standards. Some people say why your company, for starters why not me, I’ve worked with the best I know what it takes to meet those deadlines and I have done the homework my photos and reference material matter to those who need shared expert advice with skill that is what you pay for because unskilled labor is cheap and not industry standards. If you read it this far I pretty much wanted you to understand this shouldn’t be hard so I will say this the squeaky wheel gets the oil. I’m looking forward to meeting new people I do know this everyone needs to know a good painter and person! Thank you for the invitation like us on Facebook and get the latest updates and savings. I will be in touch and observing Thank you all for your time reading this message my ice breaker JWILL Paint Co LLC

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