Bees Taking Over your Pool

Very annoying when you have energy to burn or exercise to earn! You get those pesky critters Honey Bees. That’s not good for long hair while swimming, you get bugs in your hair, I don’t have any and this is personal and a problem when faced with thinking it takes just a phone call or text. But research is best because, I didn’t want to think about how easy it really was to solve the pest issues that plagued my living space, #letsconnect now our comfort zone is now being tested, I’m I frugal enough, or do I have sense enough, me the husband who doesn’t want the wife to find the solution for you, gotta love her then you get directed to do a task. Now your Lazy is tested or you just like wasting time money or being a snobby thinker. Putting in a little sweat equity in maintenance of your equipment I recommend or do you lack one important thing “or do you do upkeep” on the property and equipment or call a professional or be professional. When I offer my services as if your home were my problem? I address the issue as if I have a warranty plan that is inexpensive. Painting and decorating are one of the things I do best, when you add coatings to things you have a protection plan set in place, you are able to know that things are going last a little bit longer you’re going to get maximum shelflife when maintaining you outdoor spaces. I don’t want to spend a bunch of money! We have the best network available for you what’s your problem you need A/C your wondering why fuses keep blowing. You tired and keep pushing honey do’s off or, getting a home loan or can’t afford a new home. Best is yet to come with financial advice, book keeping taxes. Hey if you read it this far it means you enjoy reading and to get a peek into a passion of mine. This is how I reached my goals what it is I do best, I like to think if I’m going to be amongst the working class people I better get in line. I’m like swoosh just do it MJ. I thought I share my information and experience behind all of this and hope to hear you soon please keep it safe out there!

Well you got a put it where your dollars are being earned been spent I should say put in a little bit more research, knowledge gives you the functionality to achieve optimal success I am the hero at the end of the day or just a phone call away!


Advocate for foster kids Foster parent. Chef, Journeyman Painter, Husband ,God fearing

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